Join the Gimnasio Estoico online, a program to train for a strong and serene mind

Practicing the Stoic life and incorporating into our lives the benefits of a strong and serene mind, implies training, training and more daily mental training.

– Yes, but how is this done?

Developing a good routine and sticking to it’s a very personal thing, but many times to start, it is helpful to have guidance and support about the available resources and the best structure and configuration of your routine, depending on the time available and the areas that may require reinforcement for the cultivation of virtues.

At Stoa Madrid, we know that these are hard times for everyone, and it’s not easy to keep a calm attitude towards confinement and human and economic losses. We are convinced that this is the best time to reinforce the Stoic practice.

That is why we have created the Gimnasio Estoico, aimed to the training of a strong and serene mind through Stoic practices and exercises.

This is a collective and / or individual space for online practice. As our first group training, we will begin by doing Stoic Week together, with materials provided by Modern Stoicism, an annual initiative to help us experience Stoic life by one week.

How does it work?

The training materials consist of:

  1. Handbook with readings for each day of the week (3 short daily reflections).
  2. 2 audios of guided meditation for morning and evening (plus 3 optional audios).
  3. Progress tracking sheet.
  4. Daily group meetings of 45 – 60 minutes for guidance to improve the practice. Also, to share experiences and impressions of the training with other trainees.

The daily training group sessions will be held every day starting on March 26, at 9:00 p.m., via Zoom, after sending the reading and audio materials. In this way we will be able to share and reflect at the end of the day the experiences and impressions of the practice and the effect it is having on each of the participants.

This training lasts 1 week, but will be repeated continuously throughout this quarantine period. Do not miss the opportunity, there are not many initiatives dedicated to this.

We also offer individual trainings, reviewing philosophical meditation routines, and strengthening knowledge about Stoic philosophy and your personal practice.

To join these activities, send an email to and you will receive detailed information for registration.

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